【2015.7.29】【5.11】【G92X】B-ROM-S6-S6E-1.0 Modified

It is great that we can flash the same ROM on differernt variants.It will work on G92X F/I/S/L/K/T/W8,T and W8 user see here to fix Call Audiohttp://forum.xda-developers.com/tmob…-t-w8-t3121957

B-ROM-S6-S6E-1.0 Features:
Base on the latest G925FXXU2POG3
UniBase Kernel @g.lewarne
Sqlite optimize
Build.prop tweak
fstrim tweak
Air Message enabled
Remove moble data disconnected notification

B-ROM Control:
Status Bar:
1.Sigle@Double line Network speed ,and customize its color
2.Virtual Menu on the left corner ,Home in the middle and Virtual Power on the rigt corner,Longpress middle and right = screenshot
3.Time L/R/M,Date&Week samll/big/hidden
4.You can custom status bar icons’ color,wifi,airplane mod,signal bar…
5.Carrier on SB,and color
6.Statusbar Gradient:7 types,1st and 2nd color
7.3M battery and stock battery can be changed with a clik

Pull down:
1.Pulldown Memory Cleaner,click to clean mem,custom its color
2.Toggle to Brightness Adjustment and Sfinder&qconnect
3.Customize notification panel header color
4.Quick Settings Toggles:
toggle to show icon/text,and customize their color
toogle to soow single line text
customize text size
customeze Quick Settings Toggles Number

Phone and MMS
1.Auto call record
toogles for rec in & out 
toogles to show caller name/time
2.Toogle to disable accend ringtone
3.Customize call delay time

Framework and General
1.5-way reboot
2.Add screenshot,flashligt,screenrecord to powerdown menu,and toogles to disabale or enable all of them
3.Toogle for longpress Home to kill
4.Wifi signal enhance
5.Toogle for screenon when receive message 
6.Toogle for Edge features on/off

Credits @daxgirl and @Wuby986 for great source of ROM Control 

@Chainfire – For Superuser and a bunch of things

How to flash:
Must in 5.11 BL and Modeom.
Flash the ZIP after 4 wipes.

XDA:DevDB Information
B-ROM-S6-S6E, ROM for the Samsung Galaxy S6

ROM OS Version: 5.1.x Lollipop

Version Information
Status: Alpha
Current Stable Version: 1.0
Stable Release Date: 2015-07-29

Created 2015-07-29
Last Updated 2015-07-29
Click image for larger version  Name: Screenshot_2015-07-29-14-10-31.png Views: 3860 Size: 149.4 KB ID: 3422012

Click image for larger version  Name: Screenshot_2015-07-29-14-10-05.png Views: 3768 Size: 196.8 KB ID: 3422013

Click image for larger version  Name: Screenshot_2015-07-29-14-09-41.png Views: 3566 Size: 187.8 KB ID: 3422014

Click image for larger version  Name: Screenshot_2015-07-29-14-09-29.png Views: 3316 Size: 180.0 KB ID: 3422015

Click image for larger version  Name: Screenshot_2015-07-29-14-09-20.jpg Views: 3512 Size: 185.1 KB ID: 3422018

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