[5.1.1][920/925R4] Mostly STOCK OF7 Kernel – with root!

This is for both US Cellular Samsung S6 and S6 Edge variant. Thanks also goes to @g.lewarne for his work on Unikernel as a couple of their ramdisk/kernel commits were needed to get this going. Also, thanks to @datajosh for this template  And @bpdev for testing the 925R4 version… 

This will trip KNOX. It will. Trip. KNOX. IF YOU HAVE NOT TRIPPED KNOX YET – THIS WILL TRIP IT. ALSO – you CANNOT downgrade after you take the OTA so be sure you want it.

I hope that’s clear enough? 


  • After you’ve booted into OF7, go to Settings > About device and tap Build number 7 times to enable Developer Mode.
  • Go back and select Developer options and turn on OEM unlocking
  • Reboot in to download mode (Power + Home + Volume Down)
  • Use ODIN to flash 925R4root.tar or 920R4root.tar (depending on your device)
  • After your phone boots you will now have root!
  • If you notice constant messages about security issues because of KNOX and the kernel being permissive. To get rid of these, open Titanium Backup (or your personal favorite app freezing app) and freeze SecurityLogAgent.

925R4 – http://1drv.ms/1HeDWXO
925R4 Source

920R4 – http://1drv.ms/1NUVJ8B This is untested…I did not have a tester for this version….
920R4 Source

The 925R4 version may or may not work with the Sprint 925P variant…no working data confirmed!

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