Development stopped

Development Stopped
This framework is multi user compatible (each user can have their own 3Minit step) and can choose from 4 different app themes. This is just a start I have some amazing and never done before stuff as well as all the mods your used too coming for you guys real soon.

For deodexed roms only OE3 >

Statusbar mods
Choose from over 1100 different battery types
Choose any color battery on some types
Use your own battery types
Choose from 5 charge animations
Choose battery size and battery text size
Many more to come

This is the most customizable clock seen to date.
Add individual items so you can have any layout to wish also you can set the following for each item.

Clock position: Left, Right, Center

Changeable for each item:
Text color
Text font
text size

Selectable items are :
Hour (24) e.g.: 13
Hour (12) e.g.: 1
Day (numeric) eg: 02
Day (short) e.g.: Tue
Day (long) e.g.: Tuesday
Month (numeric) eg: 01
Month (short) e.g.: Jan
Month (long) e.g.: January
Year (short) e.g.: 15
Year (long) e.g.: 2015


You can also save/load your clock layouts
I cannot explain the full nature of this mod so give it a go.

Power menu (Global Actions)
Show/hide 13 different actions
Choose actions order
Choose from 28 icons for each action

Actions are:
Reboot actions mode [reboot, Recovery, Download] or/and
Extended reboot menu (see screenshots)
Power off
Take Screenshot
Toggle Bluetooth
Toggle GPS
Sound actions mode (see screenshot)
Launch Camera
Toggle Flight mode
Toggle WiFi
Switch Users
Launch Settings
Set indicator color
More to come

System mods
Long press volume buttons skips tracks (with toggle)(works whilst screen is off and with headset)
Long press home on lock screen toggles torch (with toggle)(with adjustable timeout)
Set the long press vibration time
Many many more to come

Hardware keys remapping
Choose from 13 different functions for:
Long press back
Long press home
Long press recents
Double press home
Will add more functions and support for triple press soon

Functions are:
Kill app
Recent apps
Toggle torch (with adjustable auto timeout)
Toggle wifi
Toggle Bluetooth
Toggle Silent
Launch any app
Take screenshot
Next track
Previous track
Toggle flight mode


3Minit Framework BETA v0.2
Please do not use any of my work without permission from me first 

Help and Support

Can be found here

XDA:DevDB Information

ROM OS Version: 5.0.x Lollipop
ROM Firmware Required: OE3 >

Version Information
Status: Beta
Current Beta Version: 0.1
Beta Release Date: 2015-06-10

Created 2015-06-11
Last Updated 2015-06-11

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