How to get 2 android apps working simultaneously on Samsung Galaxy S7?

Hi there,

I’m using a Using Samsung Galaxy S7, Android 6.0.1. and I’m having trouble using apps in parallel. Here’s what triggered this post:

I got myself and iRig2 to practice playing guitar silently, downloaded AmpliTube, plugged in the guitar and it worked, I could hear my guitar back and apply effects, change amps, etc..

On to the next step, to play over backing tracks. IK Multimedia advises to use apps like Riff Maestro with AmpliTube running in the background. And this is precisely my problem, I can’t get AmpliTube to keep running on the background!

Here’s what I tried so far:

Test 1:

– open AmpliTube (app), plug in the guitar and check it’s working. If it is:
– press home button
– open Riff Maestro (app)
– as soon as I click the home button, AmpliTube stops sending guitar sound out

Test 2:

– open AmpliTube (app), plug in the guitar and check it’s working. If it is:
– press the home button (AmpliTube stops sending sound out, as per Test 1)
– open Riff Maestro (app)
– press the “Recent applications” button
– swap to AmpliTube, it starts sending guitar sound again
– press the “Recent applications” button again to swap for Riff Maestro
– AmpliTube stops sending sound again

I tried splitting the screen but none of the apps supports split screen.

The question is, how can I get 2 apps (in this case AmpliTube and Riff Maestro) working simultaneously so I can hear my guitar on AmpliTube AND play a back track on Riff Maestro?

Many thanks in advance!

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