Remember when Samsung rolled out the January 2020 security patches to a bunch of phones even before Google published the corresponding security bulletin? There was no voodoo involved, though, as Android Partners are usually notified of all Android framework issues and Linux kernel issues at least 30 days before the bulletin is made public. Nevertheless, Samsung should be appreciated for integrating those patches on top of a heavy Android skin like One UI and pushing the OTA across the globe long before other OEMs. In fact, the company has done it again – the Galaxy S20 lineup and the Galaxy Fold are now receiving the May 2020 security patches. Galaxy S20 XDA Forums ||| Galaxy Fold XDA Forums Tagged with the version number G98xxXXS2ATD5, the software update for the Galaxy S20 series is intended for the Exynos-powered international variants. Apart from a bump in the Android security patch level, the new build also introduces a new bootloader (v2), which is enough to prevent downgrade attempts via manual flashing. The official changelog doesn’t mention anything other than the new security patches, which makes it rather distinct from the other two bug fix updates (ATD1 and ATD3) that arrived in the month of April for these phones. galaxy_s20_atd5_may_2020_patch The Galaxy Fold, on the other hand, has received a pretty significant update. As reported by SamMobile, Samsung backported various Galaxy S20 camera features, such as Pro mode in video recording and custom camera filters in the new build (F900FXXU3BTDD), which also features the May 2020 security patches. This is the first OTA since the long-anticipated Android 10/One UI 2.1 update for the Galaxy Fold, and it is currently rolling out in France. Samsung has yet to publish the details of the May 2020 security bulletin on their site. The updates are rolling out in batches, but you can skip the queue and download the new firmware packages directly from the Samsung update server using Frija.

Pour one out for yet more services being axed by Samsung. As Samsung keeps modernizing their software experience, they’ve also started to get rid of those services they don’t consider useful or popular anymore. The newest victims of this are 3 car-related services: MirrorLink, Car Mode, and Find My Car. All 3 of these features could, in theory, come in handy for Samsung-owning drivers, but it’s likely they have not received enough usage for Samsung to keep up the support.

MirrorLink is a standard that allows for car-to-smartphone connectivity: users could mirror their smartphone’s display to their car’s head unit. Samsung is set to drop this feature on June 1st, 2020. New users will not be able to sign up anymore, and while existing users will be able to continue using it after that, this comes with a big “if.” As soon as you factory reset your device, change cars, or even update your phone, you should bid goodbye to the feature.
Car Mode is exactly what it sounds like: it puts big icons on the display with the features you’re most likely to access while driving, such as music streaming and navigation. It acted as a decent alternative to Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, however, unlike those, which are industry standards built into cars, Car Mode was just enabled on Samsung phones and you could then mirror it to your car using MirrorLink. Just like MirrorLink, Car Mode is getting the ax come June: the app will not be available from Play Store and Galaxy Store anymore, and trying to set it up will just cause it to force close.
Lastly, Find My Car allowed you to do the exact thing the name says: it was an app for wearable devices that allowed you to, well, find your car. Using GPS functionality, you could track exactly where you parked your car. Support for it is also ending the same day, June 1st. It will not be downloadable and you will not be able to use it after you downloaded it either.

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