[ROM] [KERNEL] [18 May] [AOE3 Base] [G920F & G920S] StockMOD6 ~~CleanSlate~~ [v1-05]

StockMOD6 ~CleanSlate~ for Galaxy S6


Presenting StockMOD6 CleanSlate ROM for the Samsung Galaxy S6 G920F & G920S

– Based on 920i AOE3 Stock ROM
– StockMOD Kernel v02d
– All Market Available (Google Play Store / Galaxy Store) bundled apps removed for true user choice
– Includes all Galaxy S6 Specific apps (Store, Svoice, Splanner, SHealth etc)
– KNOX Totally removed and disabled
– SmartManager Removed
– BusyBox
– Rooted (SuperSU)
– init.d Scripts support in /system/etc/init.d
– ODEX’d
– Build.prop Tweak
– Very clean running services – no garbage or secret Samsung SpyWare
– Hosts file for adblocking
– UK BTU Firmware based CSC
– WiFi Calling, Camera Shutter Sound Control and Camera during call CSC Tweaks

I Always build a ROM like this for myself on any device I own. I always share them even if there are other ROMs out there that are similar. Feel free to download, mirror, and share the ROM with others if you like it. 

Download the ROM and copy it to the phone storage. Reboot phone into recovery (twrp recommended) and install the ROM. During installation the /system, /cache and davlik-cache will be wiped for you so there is no need to do this manually. You do not have to do a full wipe including /data, although this *is* recommended for your first installation. Subsequent releases of this rom will fully support an existing /data partition.

First boot will take a little longer than usual, and if you have done a full wipe you will need to set the phone up following the normal OOB wizard. If, when running the OOB wizard, it indicates a problem “contacting google servers” simply hit back (lower left soft button) then next again and it will work normally.

As of v1-03, StockMOD ROM uses my custom kernel, StockMOD Kernel. Because we cannot generate signed kernel images, SE Linux has to be disabled. This will break “Private Mode”. Please do not ask me to fix that, I cannot.. You can view the kernel thread here


v1-05 >>> https://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=23991606952606345

– Rebased to 920i AOE3 (memory leak fix)
– GPS fix
– Kernel v02d

– Rebased to AOE3
– StockMOD Kernel v02b
– Always-On-Dim flash LED fix
– Deep Sleep fix (in kernel)

– Rebased to AODE
– Integrated StockMOD Kernel v01a
– New Rooting method, does not require SuperSU binary Updates after each flash now
– Added fstrim init.d script to run a FSTrim command on /system / data and /cache on every boot
– More build.prop modifications

– Added missing CSC, based on UK BTU Firmware CSC. Other regions will need manual keyboard language download (keyboard settings) and APN settings applied if not automagically detected
– Added WiFi Calling, Shutter Sound Control , Camera during call CSC Tweaks

– Bit more of a cleanup
– Reworked build.prop tweaks for more speed and smoothness

– Initial Release

Info for other Devs
Feel free to disassemble and use any part of my rom you wish. However, please remember to give due credit to others if you include any components of their work.

If you like the structure of my flashable .zips please feel free to copy, alter and implement it in your own releases. I find it gives the rom a much more modular feel when building and testing, and opens up more options for special inclusions without modifying the base files itself.

You can find the GitHub link to my kernel sources here >>> https://github.com/glewarne/Galaxy_S6_920F_Kernel

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