[ROM][G920/5 ○ 5.1.1 ○ 3AUG] XtreStoLite Deo-Mod Edition 2.2 [478MB ○ BOGG]

Presenting my Extremely De-bloated, Deodexed & Modded G92xF/I/T (W8/K/L/S) (Galaxy S6 & S6 Edge) TouchWiz ROM:

This will be the lightest S6 TouchWiz ROM you ever will see! Just 478MB 

See Post #2 for the latest Aroma Add-on Package
See Post #3 for the latest Odin G920F/I/T & G925F/I/T Bootloader, Modem & Stock kernel packages

G92xF/I/T Galaxy S6 Universal Deodexed Mod edition ROM Details:

– One ROM for 6 different S6 models: Normal S6 / S6 Edge F/FD/I/T/K/L/S 
(& W8 on 5.0.2 bootloader, without fingerprint scanner support)

– Based on the latest Samsung Stock G925F XXU2BOGG Lollipop 5.1.1 firmware (Base build date: 24-JUL-2015)

– Deodexed Mod Edition: Deodexed & Mods!
The Mods that are included with this version (vs. the Pure Odexed edition of this ROM):

★ 5-Way Reboot Menu
★ Removed High volume warning message
★ Removed Increasing Ringtone
★ All 3 animation speeds at 0.5 at default
★ Disabled Mobile Data toggle warning at default
★ No auto SMS -> MMS conversion with the Samsung messaging app
★ Optional: Alliance Framework v.3.1 (by @Goldie)
★ Optional: Remove ongoing keyboard switcher notification
★ Optional: 3Minit battery MOD
★ Optional: Center Clock
★ Optional: Modded Samsung Camera app to run even on low battery
★ Optional: Modded Samsung Messages app (to disable screen on when receiving message)
★ Optional: Disable Scrolling cache (smoother scrolling when content is for the 1st time on your screen, but a bit less smoother after the first time)

– Latest S6 UniKernel by @g.lewarne as default kernel, only one kernel to support all different the models! 

– Unique: Automatic model recognition by the installation script, so that it automatically flashes the correct fixes for your model (+ you will have the correct model number under Settings -> About device)

– Integrated Fix for the T/W8 models to fix in-call audio

– Integrated Fix for the ‘No deep-sleep’ bug!!
(thanks to @HomerSp & @Chainfire)

– All the standard features of Stock Android will work, so it’s nearly even light as an AOSP ROM but then with the TouchWiz launcher, SystemUI & some Samsung apps

– ROM still includes the original Samsung Keyboard, Gallery, Camera, Dialer, Messages, Music, Alarm & Calculator apps

– Deleted more than 1.5 Gb from the ROM (in comparison to the stock firmware)

– Native init.d script support (even with the original Stock kernel!!)

– Latest SuperSu & BusyBox binary’s integrated

– Sqlite3 binary and optimization script

 KNOX fully removed

– 100% Clean and correct installation script (hand-made by me)

– Native Call Recording
– At every boot the FsTrim command will be excecuted, to keep your Phone smooth and the internal memory fast!

– Updated Google Play Services, Play Store & Webview to the latest version that’s available

– ‘Allow 3rd-party app install’ enabled at default

– Working Private Mode (available as an add-on in post #2)

– Optional removal of the S-Finder & Quick-Connect buttons from the SystemUI (see Aroma add-on package in post #2)

– (Optional) CSC tweaks, like: 

★ Add secondary symbols to the Samsung Keyboard
★ Native Call recording
★ Camera shutter sound button in the Samsung Camera app
★ Enable All Quick Toggles in the notification panel (will show up after 2nd reboot after an clean install)
★ Enable camera during call
★ TouchWiz Launcher is sorted Alphabetically at default
★ Disabled Auto-correction for the Samsung Keyboard at default
★ Filming with the Samsung camera app no longer pauses Music (if you’re playing music)
★ Messaging time stamps to it’s original time
★ Enable Call Button in call log list
★ Call/Message blocking Settings entry
★ Message 999 recipient limit
★ Exit button in the Samsung internet Browser
★ Vibrate on call answering

– A few (optional) build.prop tweaks, like: More Dialer options (Call alert), Fewer WiFi scans, Faster Boot animation speeds, Disabled call ring and Proximity delay.

– Unique separate Aroma Add-on Package which includes all the removed Samsung ‘bloatware’ apps, so that you can flash at any time your missing app back… (see Post #2)
The 5.1.1 version is ONLY tested on the G92xF/FD/I/T/K/L/S (normal S6 & Edge) models… it will maybe also work on other models, you have to try that out on your own risk of course!!


  • First boot up (after doing an clean flash) can take up an long time (3-5 minutes), this is because this ROM is deodexed!
  • Settings -> Wallpaper FC’s!? That’s normal… because you have to flash the Samsung Wallpaper picker add-on with the XtreStoLite Aroma Add-on Package for this (see post #2) 
  • To enable ‘Okay Google everywhere’, you need to follow this guide 
  • Heart rate sensor not working in S-Health? Then make sure that you have installed S-health via the Aroma addon package, and not via the Play store or the Galaxy App store.
  • If you’re experiencing ANY issue, then first make sure that you’re on the latest bootloader/firmware (see post #4 for latest one for your model), and that you’ve done an clean install (data/factory reset before installing the ROM).
  • All the Google Play Store apps are NOT included in the ROM (or Aroma add-on package), you can download those by yourself in the Play Store.


Deodexed Mod Edition V.2.2 Final:
- Updated ROM to firmware base XXU2BOGG (G925F) Android 5.1.1 (Build date July 24th)
- Updated the UniKernel to v.6-0001 (Much smoother now!)
- Deodexed the ROM using the latest oat2dex.jar (v.0.83)
- Done the mods using the latest Apktool.jar (v.2.0.1)
- Added Dual-sim (G920FD) support (make sure that you select the dual-sim option while installing the ROM)
- Fixed the extra quick toggles
- Removed 3 files from /system/bin
- Fixed different Catlog warning/error messages
- Added log cleaning init.d script
- Added 'Disable SMS -> MMS conversion when exceeds 480 characters' Mod for the Samsung Messaging app at default
- Removed the TCP4 & Google DNS tweaks (because these were giving issues for some people)
- Removed the FHA/DHA tweaks option, because it's now fully controlled by the Unikernel
- Moved the 'Disable scrolling cache' & 'Disable keyboard notification switcher' mods from the ROM to the Aroma add-on package
- Updated T/W8 audio fix files to the ones from the COF8 T firmware
- Updated Google Play Services to v.7.8.95
- Updated Google System WebView to v.45.0.2454.19
- Updated Sqlite3 binary to v.
- Various optimisations/fixes that I doesn't remember anymore...

Deodexed Mod Edition V.2.1 Final:
- Updated ROM to firmware base DVU2COF8 (G925i) Android 5.1.1 (Build date June 25th)
- Updated S6 UniKernel to v3-0001 (based on COF8 sources, and much smoother now!)
- There are now also 2 other kernel choices in the Aroma add-on package, including one stock permissive unified kernel!
- Updated Memory/Multi-tasking tweak to the fha line.
- Optimized build.prop & CSC tweaks
- Added FingerPrint scanner option to the ROM (also still available in the Aroma add-on package)
- Updated Google Play Services to v.7.5.74
- Updated Google Play Store to v.5.7.10
- Updaetd Google System WebView to v.44.0.2403.83
- Removed many system permissions from the ROM (/system/etc/permissions)
- Down-graded Aroma installer to 2.70RC2 (fixes installation freezing)
- Many various optimizations & fixes.

Deodexed Mod Edition V.1.5 Final:
- Re-based the ROM to firmware base G925I DVU1BOF4 (build date June 4th)
- Added StockMOD universal custom kernel by @g.lewarne (as default, and only included kernel)
- Added Multi-tasking (Memory Management) fix by @mikeyinid (apps in the background should stay active for longer now, so fewer app reloading when switching to an app)
- Added support for the G92xA (AT&T) models
- Removed the warning when you disable Mobile data with the quick toggle
- Work-around for the brightness issues by adding the G920I BOF3 services.jar at default in the ROM (to fix the brightness issues), but this breaks the Edge features, so I've added the G925I BOF4 services.jar file to the 'Edge features' add-on in the Aroma add-on package (thus you only will have the brightness issues now when you flash this add-on)
- Disabled (tombstones & dropbox) app logging on the data partition
- Many optimizations to the installation script
- Updated Sqlite3 binary to
- Updated Google Play Services to v.7.5.73 (1976294-440)
- Updated Android System WebView to v.44.0.2403.39
- Disabled the Flipboard Briefing TouchWiz launcher screen/page at default
- Enabled Samsung Keyboard continous input (swiping) option at default
- Added /preload partition to the fstrim script
- Removed MyScript ResourceManager app + lib files, and added them to the S-Pen add-on in the Aroma add-on package
- Misc. fixes & optimizations

Deodexed Mod Edition V.1.4a Final:
- Changed firmware base to G925I DVU1BOE3 (build date May 15th) (Multi-language again!)
- Added support for the G92xT/W8/K/L/S models! (in-call audio is now fixed thanks to @-Mr. X-)
- UNIQUE: The installation script now automatically recognizes your correct model number, and flashes the correct Stock kernel + In-call audio + GPS Fixes for your model when needed! (thanks @ktoonsez for the great script, and @g.lewarne for helping me with it)
- Added unified Ktoonsez kernel for all the S6 models! (normal S6 & S6 Edge F/I/T/W8)
- Added latest BTU (Great Britain) CSC as default CSC
- Removed the Smart Manager from the ROM (isn't required anymore, because of the CSC/firmware change), added it back to the Aroma add-on package
- Added AT&T APN carrier settings, so that AT&T users with an G92xT model doesn't need to enter the APN settings manually anymore!
- Updated Android System WebView to v.43.0.2357.121
- Updated Play Store to v.5.6.8
- Added back the 'LTE' data icon CSC tweak
- With v.1.3 the default CSC tweaks didn't got applied, I fixed this with this release
- Updated Aroma installer binary to v.3.0b1 (smoother/faster installation!)
- Misc. fixes & optimizations (fixed all the v.1.3 G925K OE6 firmware bugs for example)
- V.1.4a: Fixed Aroma installer freezing (hopefully)

Deodexed Mod Edition V.1.3 Final:
- Official supported models for this version of the ROM are now: G920F, G925F, G920I & G925I
- Updated the whole ROM to Edge G925K firmware base KKU1AOE6 (build date May 19th)
- Added G920K AOE5 Stock kernel for the G920F/I models
- G925F model uses the G925K OE6 stock kernel (OE3 G925F bootloader required)
- Added Simpl Custom kernel for the F/I Edge models (flash this kernel if you have Wifi and/or in-call audio problems with stock kernel)
- Added 'Disable scrolling cache' mod as an option (Scrolling cache disabled = smoother scrolling on first try, without this mod (scolling cache enabled) = Smoother scrolling after the first try)
- Enabled extra Dialer options (Call alerts & more)
- Changes to the sqlite3 tweak (should work better now)
- Modified the installer script so that your model number now shows correctly under Settings -> About phone
- Updated BusyBox binary to v.1.23.2
- Updated Google Play Services to v.7.5.71
- Updated Android system WebView to v.43.0.2357.76
- Updated Play Store to v.5.6.6
- Misc. fixes & optimizations

Deodexed Mod Edition V.1.2 Final:
- Updated the whole ROM to G920I firmware base DVU1AOE3 (build date May 8th)
- Converted most init.d scripts to su.d scripts
- Added optional Mod to disable the ongoing keyboard notification
- Added latest Sqlite3 3.8.8 binary and optimization script
- Added option to disable Kernel debugging (works also with the original Stock kernel)
- Added build.prop tweak option to use the Google DNS servers on WiFi & Mobile data (in most situations this give you an faster reacting internet connection)
- Added build.prop tweak option for TCP4 connection optimizations
- Added CSC tweak to choose between LTE & 4G data icons
- Updated Google Play Store to v.5.5.11
- Updated Android System WebView to v.43.0.2357.65
- Miscellaneous fixes & optimizations

Deodexed Mod Edition V.1.1 Final:
- Updated the whole ROM to firmware base XXU1AODI (build date April 24th)
- Updated Android System WebView to v.42.0.2311.138
- Updated Play Store to v.5.5.8
- Added ColorFade Memory leak fix (thanks to @Goldie)
- Added tweak that will set the correct permissions to all of your files on your internal memory (/data/media) (will be executed one time at first boot up only)
- Made the TouchWiz app drawer alphabetically sorting an optional CSC tweak (when this tweak is enabled then it's not possible to sort the app drawer manually or to create folders in the app drawer)
- Made also the 'Disable Auto correction' & 'Space suggestion' CSC tweaks for the Samsung Keyboard optional
- Various optimizations & fixes (removed a lot of debugging from the modded apk/framework files for example)

Deodexed Mod Edition V.1.0.2 Final:
- Optimized the installation script, corrected more permmission/SE Context labels of different system files
- Added back Private Mode /system/bin file (so that the Private Mode add-on from the Aroma add-on package works again...)
- Removed some more not needed files from the system
- Removed HighLightVideo services (The Highlight video function of your pictures in the Samsung Gallery)

Deodexed Mod Edition V.1.0.1 Final:
- Updated SuperSu to Beta 2.49 (which includes fixes for the S6)
- Updated Android System Webview to v.42.0.2311.137
- Removed KNOX /system/bin files
- Removed option to remove the Boot sound (this caused continous logcat spam, when the boot sound was removed)
- Removed some more lib files from the ROM (and added them to their add-ons in the Aroma add-on package)
- Fixed ROM name in build.prop file & Aroma installer (so that it doesn't say Pure Edition anymore)

Deodexed Mod Edition V.1.0 Final:
- First version of the Deodexed Mod Edition


@Goldie & @txr33 – For the great Alliance custom Framework
@g.lewarne – For the great S6 UniKernel custom kernel (which is the default kernel of this ROM!) and for all the support!
@-Mr. X- – For the T/W8 model in-call audio fix
@Ktoonsez – For the original model recognition script
@Winb33 – For the Mega 966 fonts pack!

And ofcourse all the Beta testers!!

How-to Install:

Root & Install custom recovery: (Only needed if you haven’t done this yet)
– Flash CF-Root for your model with Odin
– Make sure you have an custom recovery installed (I advise you to use TWRP( or newer REQUIRED for v.2.1 > of this ROM!!)
(This trips your KNOX warranty counter!)

Install the ROM
– Make sure you’re on an recent Bootloader & Firmware (Android 5.1.1 Bootloader REQUIRED for v.2.1 and higher!!)
– Copy the ROM zip file to your internal of your Phone
– Do a Data/Factory reset first in your recovery
– Start the installation
– Reboot
– Enjoy the Rom! 
– Optionally: Flash the Aroma add-on Package, to restore some of the removed Samsung Apps/Functions that you want (You can do this anytime!)

I would NOT recommend to restore system apps or app data of your apps with Titanium backup, only the apps themselves.
Restoring App data or System apps can cause problems with the apps. (This applies to any ROM!)

See Post #2 For the Aroma Add-on Package, for most of the Samsung apps and functions that got removed from the ROM & some more customisation options. So that you can choose which feature/app you want to have back!

Download links for:
G92xF/FD/I/T/K/L/S (W8) Universal Deodexed Mod Edition

ROM XXU2BOGG V.2.2 Final Lollipop: (478MB)


MD5: 4601f7739ae2d0b75bb03e29cc024513
(check the MD5 of your download before flashing)

V.2.1 > (Android 5.1.1) INSTALL GUIDE
See Post #2 for the Aroma Add-on Package!

See this post for the latest Flashable Odin Modems/Bootloaders/Stock-Kernel for the G920F/I/T & G925F/I/T models.

If you like this rom, feel free to donate.
(use the Donate button in my signature)

XDA:DevDB Information
XtreStoLite Universal Deodexed Mod Edition, ROM for the Samsung Galaxy S6

ROM OS Version: 5.1.x Lollipop
ROM Kernel: Linux 3.10.x

Version Information
Status: Stable
Current Stable Version: 2.2
Stable Release Date: 2015-08-03

Created 2015-04-27
Last Updated 2015-08-05

Aroma Add-on Package
XtreStoLite Deodexed Aroma Add-on Package 2.2b
G92xF/FD/I/T/K/L/S (W8) version

Choose which Samsung App or feature YOU want to have in the XtreStoLite ROM

Aroma Add-on Package Details:

– You can use this package to choose which Samsung app or feature you want back on your Phone!

– You can flash this package at any time after flashing the rom, so you can first use the rom, and look what exactly you want to have back

– Only choose what you will use, every option that you will install, will ‘bloat’ your system more and more.

– ONLY the things that you select are being installed with this package, it’s only for the add-ons that are listed below (you have to flash the ROM from post #1 first!)

– Flash this package ONLY on the DEODEXED MOD version of XtreStoLite from this thread!!!! (Will NOT work on the Odexed version of the ROM)

– TIP: When flashing this package hold the list bellow besides it, so that you can see the special notes about every add-on.

Aroma Add-on Package Contents:

The following Apps & Features are included in the XtreStoLite Aroma Add-on Package:

★ S6 Edge features
★ Samsung AllShare/WiFi-Direct/S-Beam/Screen-Mirroring
★ Samsung Baby Crying Monitor
★ Samsung E-Mail app + Exchange support
★ Samsung Extreme Power Saving & Emergency Mode
★ Samsung Finger Print Scanner support
★ Samsung Gear Manager & ANT+ support
★ Samsung Multi Window full-support
★ Samsung Quick Connect (available from the Notification panel)
(Also needs the AllShare add-on to be flashed)
★ Samsung File Manager app
★ Samsung Wallpaper Picker
(This fixes the FC’s in Settings -> Wallpaper etc.)
★ Samsung SBrowser (internet browser)
★ Samsung SCloud
(to get the Scloud backup/restore function working you need to also install the Samsung E-Mail app)
★ Samsung SFinder (available from the Notification panel)
★ Samsung SHealth app
★ Samsung SMemo
★ Samsung SPlanner
★ Chrome Cast Native support
★ Gear VR (virtual reality) support
★ Smart Switch (to copy over things from your previous mobile device)
★ Theme Manager
★ Samsung SPrint support
★ Samsung SVoice app (flash also the TTS add-on to get voice feedback)
★ Samsung TTS and Google TTS voices
★ Samsung AccuWeather Widget (including the Weather daemon)
★ Samsung Fonts (Nearly 1000 different system fonts, thanks to @Winb33)
★ Samsung Flipboard Briefing (My Magazine)
★ Samsung App Store + Samsung account support
★ Samsung SmartRemote (IR app)
★ Samsung Voice Note (voice recorder app)
★ VPN connection support
★ Samsung Clock Widgets
★ Samsung Air Wake Up (the gesture to turn on your screen, to see the time and if you have any notifications)
★ Samsung Assistant Menu (floating buttons for different functions)
★ Samsung Smart Manager
★ Samsung Easy Mode (+ Easy Mode widgets)
★ Samsung Headphone shortcut notifications in the notification drawer
★ Samsung MirrorLink
★ Samsung Live Wallpaper Picker
★ Samsung Test Mode applications (which you can access with secret codes from the dialer)
★ Samsung Private Mode
★ Samsung Find My Mobile (Remote controls)
(Works ONLY with the Stock kernel!!)
★ Samsung Kies Desktop Sync
★ STK (Sim Toolkit) app
★ ColorBlind (Settings -> Accessibility -> Vision-> Color adjustment)
★ Google Search/Now system app (to give you the ‘OK Google everywhere’ function in the Google Search app)
★ Hearing Adjust
★ 8 Extra Camera Modes (from the Galaxy App Store), The apk’s get copied to your internal memory, so that you can install them manually!
★ NFC Smart Card Services
★ Samsung Help function
★ Samsung Dictionary
★ Samsung Magnifier
★ Beep ‘n Go Barcode Beaming Service & app
★ Samsung SideSync
★ Samsung Video Editor & HighLight Video service
(Also needed to play the recorded slow motion videos)
★ Miscellaneous Accessibility functions
(This addon contains: Access Control, Import/export accessibility settings, S-Talkback & Virtual Softkey)
★ Smart Manager (Junk cleaning tool & Anti-virus)
★ Video Telephony
★ Smart View
★ S-View cover support

Customization add-ons:

★ Alliance Custom Framework v.3.1
by: @Goldie & @txr33 

★ Android L Launcher (original Android Lollipop launcher)
★ Modded Samsung Camera (to allow you to use the camera when on low battery)
★ Modded Samsung Messages app (to disable the ‘screen on when receiving an message’ feature )
★ 3 different Emoji system fonts (iOS, Samsung & Stock Android KitKat emoji’s) (works with Google/Samsung/SwiftKey etc. keyboards)
★ Enable/Disable system-wide Ad-blocking
★ Option to choose between the Android L Messenger app & Samsung Messages app

Theme options:
★ 3Minit Battery MOD (Only available when you don’t use the Alliance framework)
★ Center Clock (Only available when you don’t use the Alliance framework)

Framework options:
★ Disable/Enable Scrolling cache (Only available when you don’t use the Alliance framework)
★ Disable Keyboard selector notification
★ Disable Wake screen when (un)plug phone.


- Updated Alliance Framework to v.3.1 (Fixed volume warning, Fixed data toggle warning, Swapped square toggle bg type for indent)

- Fixed NFC Smart Card add-on (fixed the SmartCardManager FC that you got on every boot with v.2.2)
- Fixed Video Telephony add-on

- Re-based to the G925F XXU2BOGG firmware (build date July 24th)
- Re-added the Alliance Framework (v.3.0 for BOGG)
- Added 'Disable screen wake when unplug/plug-in' Mod
- Moved the 'Disable scrolling cache' & 'Disable keyboard notification switcher' mods from the ROM to the Aroma add-on package
- Above 2 mods are now also comptible with the 'Edge features' add-on
- Added Modded Samsung Messages app with the 'Disable turn on screen when receiving message' mod (+ the default 'SMS -> MMS conversion mod)
- Added Video Telephony add-on
- Added Vindicator (R3) universal custom kernel option (by @Xileforce)
- Updated S-Health to v.
- Updated Google Search app to v.
- Updated Theme Store & Samsung Billing apps to their latest versions
- Updated UniKernel (to: v.6-0001) and UniBase kernel (to: BOG8 v2)

- Added Samsung Wallpaper picker & Samsung Test applications add-ons back (sorry, forgot those with v.2.1)

- Re-based to the G925I DVU2COF8 firmware (build date June 25th)
- Added 3 Kernel choices: UniKernel, UniBase & SimplKernel
- Added 966 System Fonts pack by @Winb33
- Added S-view cover & Smart Stay add-ons (because those permission files are now removed from the ROM)
- Updated S-Health to v.
- Updated Samsung Theme Store to v.1.01.23(20150703)
- Updated Google Search to v.
- Updated Google Messenger to v.1.4.046 (2073855-39)
- Updated Peel Remote app to v.8.2.16
- Updated Adblock hosts file
- Removed Modded Samsung messaging app mod (because this mod isn't Android 5.1.1 compatible yet)
- Also the Alliance Framework is NOT included yet, @Goldie & @Txr33 has to finish their work on it first!

- Re-based to the G925I DVU1BOF4 firmware (build date June 4th)
- Added support for the AT&T models
- Added option to preserve the 'Disable keyboard notification' mod with the Edge features add-on
- ATTENTION: If you flash (one of two) Edge features add-ons then you will have the brightness issues from previous versions back!!
- Updated Alliance framework to v.1.2 (SPECIAL VERSION, which includes the Brightness fix by @Goldie!!)
- Updated S-Browser & Galaxy App Store from the Android 5.1.1 G920T COF6 firmware
- Updated Google Search to the latest version
- Updated Adblock hosts file
- Removed the Mobile data warning when you turn Mobile data off with the quick toggle for the SystemUI mods

- Re-based to the G925I DVU1BOE3 firmware (build date May 15th)
- Added support for the T/W8/K/L/S G920 & G925 models
- Added Alliance custom framework option! (by @Goldie & @txr33) (Many new customization/tweaking options with the Alliance Control app!)
- Fixed the Weather Widget, no more Korean language on your lockscreen, and finds all the cities again!
- Added back the Smart Manager add-on, since it got removed from the v.1.3.1 ROM
- Updated the Aroma installer to v.3.00b1 (smoother/faster installation)
- Misc. fixes & optimizations
- V.1.4a: Fixed Aroma freezing (hopefully)

- Updated all the add-ons to the G925K Edge firmware base KKU1AOE6 (build date May 19th)
- Removed VOIP add-on (this wasn't included with the G925K firmware)
- Also removed the Smart Manager add-on since it's included with the ROM at default
- Optimized the Center clock mod (better smali code)
- Added Edge features add-on to enable the extra S6 Edge functions on the Edge model
- Updated 3Minit battery mod to v.3.1
- Updated Google Search to v.
- Updated ANT Radio & plugin services (part of Gear manager add-on)
- Updated Flipboard Briefing add-on (the Flipboard briefing page is much smoother now!)

- Updated all the add-ons to firmware base DVU1AOE3 (build date May 8th)
- Fixed Service Mode add-on
- Fixed Wallpaper picker add-on (setting an custom lockscreen wallpaper works now!)
- Various fixes & optimizations

- Updated all the add-ons to firmware base XXU1AODI (build date 24th)
- Updated S-Health to v.
- Updated Galaxy Store to v.15050605.05.014.1
- Updated Adblock Hosts file
- Added 'Different Accessibility options' add-on (This addon contains: Access Control, Import/export accessibility settings, S-Talkback & Virtual Softkey)
- Added Video-Editor & DCMProvider apk's to the Highlight video add-on (so that the add-on is actually working...)
- Optimized installation script
- Done the mods using the latest (bak)smali version
- Various fixes and optimizations
- ATTENTION: It seems that the Service Menus (the Test applications add-on) are NOT working with this AODI firmware.

- Fixed Private Mode (in combination with ROM v.1.0.2)
- Fixed/Updated 3Minit battery MOD to v.3.0
- Updated Google Search app to v.
- Added Center clock SystemUI mod (also possible to use in combination with the other SystemUI mods)
- Optimized Installation script
- Removed the 'Remove add-ons' option in the Aroma installer for now (I have to work this feature further out first)

- Fixed Theme Store Force close
- Fixed Remove S-Finder&Quick-Connect buttons mod, swiping away first notification should work now!
- Added Modded Samsung Messages app add-on, to disable the auto SMS->MMS conversion

- First release!

Download links for:

Aroma Add-on Package 2.2b:

G92xF/FD/I/T/K/L/S (W8) version

Aroma Add-on Package V.2.2b for XXU2BOGG: (898MB)


MD5: 14c7261be4ebddc4b26ba0efe4a5ebf3
(check the MD5 of your download before flashing)


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