[ROM][ODE][08/05]AllianceROM G920F-Alliance Settings – Lite Available – Update 2

We are not responsible for anything that may happen to your phone as a result of installing custom roms and/or kernels. you do so at your own risk and take the responsibility upon yourself.

AllianceROM© intends to give the user what THEY want. Tired of flashing Roms and having to ask for little changes to suit your taste? Tired of having to manually change colors of the toggles or the battery or move your clock or make statusbar transparent or any of the other multitude of other little color and style tweaks that Android users love? Tired of flashing AROMA installer for every little change you want to make? Tired of having to add your favourite images everytime a new rom comes out?

If you answer yes to any of these then AllianceROM is for you! We have a huge array of “on the fly” options for you to play with. Make your phone to YOUR style. YOUR color. YOUR perfection.

Available in Stock, AOSP or Black Glass themes selectable on install, the majority of modifications in AllianceROM are OPTIONAL. Many you wont find on any other TW ROM and some you wont find anywhere…Xposed, AOSP or otherwise! You can turn them on and off at will. We try not to impose many things on people because we realise that Android is all about INDIVIDUALITY. Make YOUR Rom and YOUR phone how YOU want it and change it on a whim.

AllianceROM – Designed to be Individual….

Changelog v1

  • Based on Samsung 5.0 XXU1A0DE
  • Rooted, Deodexed, BusyBox, Init.d, Sqlite3, Zipaligned
  • Build.prop tweaks
  • All stock functionality working
  • Aroma with option to remove Google apps, Samsung apps or extra lite – removes 150 or so non essential items
  • Added fix for ColorFade memory leak
  • ROM Customizer with root browser, widgets
  • Alliance Manager Theme/Backup Engine
  • Preset Styles to change theme in 1 click!
  • Added A ton of Open Source FlipFonts
  • Added Cyanogenmods Torch
  • Disabled Flipfont Verification Checks
  • Disabled Signature Verification Checking
  • Disabled Scrolling cache Systemwide
  • Disabled Samsungs Secure Storage
  • Increased message limit per hour
  • Enabled Scheduled Messaging
  • Enabled Scheduled Messaging
  • Enabled Save Restore Messages (sms only)
  • Enabled Group Conversation Messages
  • Enabled Split View Option For Messaging When In Landscape
  • Up to 200 contacts for messages
  • Message sent time shown
  • Increased sms-mms threshold
  • General Battery and Performance Tweaks
  • 20 or so prebuilt themes.

    Alliance Custom Settings:

    Updated Alliance Settings to new application with sliding tabs nav drawer and more;

    Color/Theme Options

    Phone Mods

  • Phone call recording
  • Phone no increasing ring

    NFC Mods

  • NFC with screen off/locked
  • NFC icon type

    Security Mods

  • Privatemode works with swipe lockscreen
  • Privatemode Notification disabled

    System Mods

  • List Animations with style and interpolator choice – Samsung are using their own class for settings now it seems so these dont work there
  • Added hundreds of fonts and enabled all
  • Toggle for plug/unplug wakes screen
  • Toggle for All Rotations
  • Toggle for Wake with Home Key
  • Disable safe volume warning

    Hardware Key Mods

  • Choose from 9 functions for long press home
  • Choose from 9 functions for double press home
  • Choose from 9 functions for long press recents
  • Functions are Default, Screenshot, Toggle Torch, Recents, Sleep, Custom App, Now, Kill, Menu
  • Long Press Volume key controls for music with screen off. CHoose from Next, Pause, Previous, Play/Pause and Stop with customisable timeout.
  • Volume key cursor control – On/Off/Reverse

    Powermenu Mods

  • Powermenu 5 way restart mode
  • Powermenu show/hide for all items
  • Powermenu add Screenshot
  • Powermenu add Screen Record Toggle
  • Powermenu Sound mode panel

    Clock and Signal Mods

  • Statusbar Data Icon style choice – e.g 4g, LTE etc
  • Statusbar clock position
  • Statusbar clock show/hide
  • Statusbar clock size
  • Statusbar clock am/pm large small or off
  • Statusbar clock date small large or off
  • Statusbar clock Date style
  • Statusbar clock Date format
  • Statusbar clock seconds show/hide
  • Statusbar Custom Carrier Text
  • Traffic Meter left side
  • Traffic Meter right side
  • Traffic Meter hide when inactive toggle
  • Traffic Meter update interval
  • Traffic Meter color

    Toggle and Dropdown Mods

  • Toggle text show/hide
  • Toggle circle show/hide
  • Brightness Slider show/hide
  • Sfinder show/hide

    Color and Theme Mods

  • Color-a-day – let the system choose a new theme color at 12am each day


  • Battery fill color
  • Battery frame color
  • Battery text color
  • Battery charge bolt color


  • Statusbar clock color
  • Signal color
  • Wifi color
  • Notification icon color (sound, Bluetooth etc too)
  • Wifi in/out color
  • Signal in/out color


  • Master override for dropdown theme to enable the following to be changed so as no to interfere with the Theme store themes should you want to keep as is:
  • Dropdown clock color
  • Dropdown date color
  • Toggle ON color
  • Toggle OFF color
  • Toggle text color
  • Toggle circle color
  • Toggle circle style (including user choice. For jpg just pick using gallery via alliance settings, for png with transparency manually place in sdcard/alliance/Current theme and name Toggle_Bg.png)
  • Toggle background color/transparency
  • Dropdown header background color/transparency
  • Sfinder background color/transparency
  • Brightness Slider background color/transparency
  • Header detail color (edit button, Settings button and all toggle view text etc)
  • Sfinder detail color
  • Brightness Slider detail color

    Probably a few more that got missed during modding! 😛

MD5 Sum:d20d10219bbcb46b3e10980a2b61da28

Be sure to be on OD9 or later bootloader and modem. If you are not then search for a guide and update it!

Step 1-
Flash CFRoot for your device with Odin. Install TWRP Recovery using Flashify.
Step 2-
Download Rom and copy to device
Step 3-
Boot to recovery and follow the instructions in Aroma..
Step 4-
Install Update 2

For Feature Requests and bug reports please post in the Xda DevDB Section Up Top

This thread is from the Alliance Team and was posted in accordance with the Alliance rules which can be foundhere 

All mods created by Alliance team are copyrighted and not are not to be used in other works or ported without our expressed permission.


Alliance Color Guide:

The Alliance Crew – You guys ROCK!!
Chainfire for root
Ficeto for ROM Customizer, Custom Settings and countless hours of help
Gravitybox for the app picker source
Liquid for animations and clock
Omni for Traffic Meter
amarullz for aroma


XDA:DevDB Information
AllianceROM G920F, ROM for the Samsung Galaxy S6

ROM OS Version: 5.0.x Lollipop

Version Information
Status: Stable
Current Stable Version: v1
Stable Release Date: 2015-05-05

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