[ROM][RLS3] █║ AxisM ¯`•._ GodMode | Dual FS • Multi-carrier

I am not responsible for anything that happens to you or your phone while using this custom firmware. By installing this ROM you understand the risks of modifying the core components of your phone and assume all responsibilities for any damages.

  • Base – LRX22G.G925IDVU1AOE3
  • Android 5.0.2
  • Touchwiz UI/UX
  • Aroma Installer
  • Multicarrier
  • KNOX removed
  • GodMode
  • Ext4+Ext2 file system
  • F2FS ready boot config
  • Debloated
  • De-odexed
  • Zipaligned
  • Rooted
  • Axis Tweaks
  • Axis Livewire
  • Axis Magick
  • Compiled all native code using Intervention LLVM
  • Advanced Power Menu
  • Call recording
  • Auto-ambient display
  • Adjusted ART policies
  • Fast boot/shutdown
  • Octa-core performance when screen on
  • Quad-core battery saver when screen off
  • sysro/sysrw command support
  • Safe script support
  • Su.d script support
  • Allowed unlimited Android active processes
  • Disabled scrolling cache
  • Disabled some persistent notifications


  • Visit XDA thread
  • Donate to support Axis SDS
  • Visit dev XDA profile
  • Follow dev on Twitter


  • Display network traffic speed
  • Set clock style
  • Set custom clock style
  • Set uppercase for text style clocks
  • Set date style
  • Set date format
  • Set date size
  • Set AM/PM style
  • Set AM/PM size
  • Set clock alignment
  • Set clock font
  • Animate clock


  • Set battery text style
  • Automatically color battery text
  • Set battery text static color
  • Set battery text charging color
  • Set battery text regular color
  • Set battery text mid-level color
  • Set battery text low-level color
  • Show MIUI battery bar
  • Automatically color battery bar
  • Set batterybar static color
  • Set batterybar charging color
  • Set batterybar regular color
  • Set batterybar mid-level color
  • Set batterybar low-level color
  • Animate batterybar
  • Set animation pulse mode
  • Set animation type

Pie Controls

  • Enable pie controls
  • Set pie activation location
  • Set pie activation gravity
  • Set pie activation width
  • Set Pie activation height
  • Change linked system app icon behavior
  • Change linked user app icon behavior
  • Change pie status info behavior
  • Change pie status info font
  • Disable pie when keyboard is present
  • Set pie status info clock color
  • Set pie status info notification color
  • Set pie color (presets)
  • Set pie tiles color
  • Set pie selection color
  • Set pie icon color
  • Set pie outline color
  • Set pie gradient color
  • Set pie gradient outline color

Navigation Bar

  • Set navigation bar visibility
  • Set navigation bar remap
  • Set bar color
  • Set left button color
  • Set center button color
  • Set right button color


  • Force init.d support
  • Set on-boot shell command
  • Zipalign
  • Wipe cache and dalvik
  • Fix permissions
  • Optimize databases
  • Reboot
  • Reboot to recovery
  • Reboot to fastboot
  • Hot reboot

Package Manager

  • Package installer
  • Enable data persistence
  • Persist app density
  • Persist ad-blocking hosts file (if exists)

  • Cyanogenmod
  • Mr. X

XDA:DevDB Information
Axis ROM, ROM for the Samsung Galaxy S6

Source Code: http://developer.axsdsn.com

ROM OS Version: 5.0.x Lollipop
ROM Kernel: Linux 3.10.x

Version Information
Status: Stable

Created 2015-05-19
Last Updated 2015-06-20

ROM Download: AxisM RLS3
All devices and carriers flash the same ZIP
Please logcat any and all issues you have

AxisM RLS3 (20 June)


  • Rebased to G925IDVU1BOF3
  • Added shell functions to detect device
  • Added shell functions to detect if upgrade or fresh install
  • Added ‘bulletproof’ access to EQ
  • Added ability to change battery bar height (limit 10)
  • Added device compatibility for:
    • G920W8
    • G920S
    • G920K
    • G920T
    • + all preexisting supported devices


  • Updated Unity code
  • Updated EQ logic
  • Updated Livewire (solo)
  • Updated Magick (solo)


  • Fixed su.d support
  • Fixed battery bar auto-color (medium)


  • Removed AROMA Installer + assets
  • Removed kernel installation

AxisM RLS2 (25 May)


  • Rebased to LRX22G.G925IDVU1AOE3
  • Added AROMA Installer
  • Added 100% stock kernel
  • Added support for Galaxy S6 Edge
  • Added support for T-Mobile Galaxy S6 Edge
  • Added support for T-Mobile Galaxy S6
  • Added support for AT&T Galaxy S6
  • Added auto-hide to network traffic
  • Added auto-hide threshold
  • Added persistent notification to EQ
  • Added new su.d support
  • Added stock wallpaper to /sdcard/axis/wallpaper
  • Added new method of handling permissions
  • Added new method of applying updates


  • Updated Unity
  • Updated network traffic
  • Updated EQ


  • Fixed su binary update
  • Fixed weather widget
  • Fixed WiFi securestorage
  • Fixed UI update failures on EQ
  • Fixed ‘zipalign’
  • Fixed ‘fix permissions’
  • Fixed ‘optimize databases’
  • Patched all APKs

AxisM RLS1 (19 May)

  • Initial release

Sharing Policy

Please do not use this ROM or anything in it without my permission or the permission of the original developers. I have asked permission to use the work of other developers and would like it if everyone did the same. I will most likely allow you to use what you want anyway. Be forewarned that if you do use features created by me or any other developer in your ROM without proper permission, you are setting yourself up for infractions, bans, or whatever else the moderators have reserved for kangers.

Q: When is the next release coming?
A: There are going to be NO announcements of scheduled release dates for this ROM.

Q: I have a problem with the ROM!
A: Logcat. Do it. Do not expect me to fix a problem without even knowing what the problem is. YOU have the problem. YOU document it. YOU send it to me. I fix it.

Q: Are there going to be nightlies?
A: Most likely not.

Q: I’m thinking of making a snide comment.
A: Don’t. If you have an issue with something solve it via PM. Snide comments do not include “dumb questions.” I welcome everyone to ask any questions they have, but please try not to post a duplicate question. I may snap if I see it over and over on every page. However, I do not know everything so if I ignore your question, don’t take it personal. I just either don’t know the answer or am too busy to answer. This is a community and we’re all here to learn so help each other out.

Q: My benchmark scores are higher/lower than when I used _________.
A: That’s nice, but it doesn’t mean much. As long as the speed of the phone is to your satisfaction everything is working as it should. Benchmark scores are used to show off if anything. Now you may be asking, “Why don’t benchmark scores mean anything?” Well it’s because there are so many factors that can alter a benchmark score that it makes them unreliable as a performance indicator.

Q: What benchmark app do you recommend?
A: If I had to choose: Vellamo Mobile Benchmark

Q: Why are there so many images in this thread?
A: I got bored on Photoshop.

Q: How can I help with this ROM?
A: Rating the thread 5 stars helps a lot. I don’t really need testers, but would prefer to have someone in addition to myself try to port some mods over to the ROM. For example, if someone in the thread wanted a launcher with different modifications, I wouldn’t really have the time do it it all by myself. People who contribute apps, themes, etc will have their mod listed under “Downloads” and will have their name in the credits.

Q: I like the Performance governor because it makes my phone fast, but I heard it’s bad to use it all the time. Should I choose a different one?
A: Most people think that the performance governor is a terrible choice to use because it constantly keeps the phone clocked to the highest frequency and quickly heats up the phone, which proves to be true to an extent. What they don’t realize is that the performance governor allows the phone to quickly complete running tasks and reach an idle state. This is good news for your battery because it will sleep faster. Of course, you wouldn’t want your phone to be sleeping at 1.5GHz so to counter this, create a “screen off” profile using SetCPU or any other performance tuning app and set it to Min: 380MHz / Max: 480MHz. Despite this setup, your phone may still run hot while the screen is on due to it running at the highest frequency which is not a good thing. This brings me to another topic. Is it good to underclock or set the minimum CPU frequency to the lowest possible value? Not always, no. If you set the frequency to the lowest possible value the phone will take longer to finish a task which will most likely lead to bad battery drain. In the end, there is no single best setup since everyone will tell you different things, but I personally use Ondemand at the stock frequencies with no profiles. If the Smartassv2 governor is available, I use that instead of Ondemand.

Q: I created a mod for the ROM. Can I have it featured on the store?
A: Yes you can! PM me the link to your mod and I will feature it.


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