Rules for posting in Development

I know we all have busy lives and don’t have time to go through a list of long winded rules, so here’s a shortened version to make your life easier

Only the following topics are allowed in DEVELOPMENT area:
[DEV] – Development for any special projects or Apps
[ROM] – Custom ROMs
[KERNEL] – Custom Kernels (usually found in Original Development)
[MOD] – Hack & Modifications for the phone with code only, zips go in themes and apps
[FIX] – Fixes for known issues & bugs
[R&D] – Research & Development for Devs only, when gathering data for a new projects
[HOWTO] / [GUIDE] – How to instructions and Guides (Most of the time should be in General)

Note: If you are unsure where your new topic should go, then please post it to General

  • Please Include Screen Shots for ROM / MOD / THEME / Apps & Games, when possible as it’s expected by our members
  • DEV Support for ROM / KERNEL / MOD / THEME must be provided within XDA thread posted by the Developer, otherwise it won’t count as a Development, and in turn it’ll be considered [INFO]rmation / [REF]erence and moved to General
  • Unmodified Stock ROM and Source Codes does not count as a DEVELOPMENT project unless it’s part of an active project you have already started
  • Password must be provided for all password protected files
  • Direct download links preferred, due to stipulations stated in forum rule #11
  • Extra emphasis on rule #12
  • All ROM / MOD / DEV / etc… found in the DEV section not created by the DEV themselves does not qualify as a development and will be moved to General. It should be properly tagged as [INFO] or [REF], with links to the source website were it was found
  • Please keep all non Development relevant chatter off the DEV project topics, feel free to create a new topic in General for non Development comments about specific ROM / MOD / THEME / etc… valid replies within a DEV project are: BUG Reports, Problem, Troubleshooting Steps & Logs.
  • … and Please! keep all your personal bickering via PMs, do not pollute the forum with your personal indifferences.
    If you have a problem with a specific member please contact the Moderators for help, that’s what we’re here for, but we are not babysitters, we are here to gather, organize and provide useful information for our over priced phones

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