Samsung Galaxy E7 E7000 available for donation to XDA developer

All –

I have a Samsung Galaxy E7 E7000 which I am looking to donate to an XDA Developer.

The phone is factory-reset, unlocked, legal, and clear. It has the latest Hong Kong firmware on it. It was purchased by me from an importer in the United States. It has only one issue: I have discovered through using it that – amazingly – the receipt of a voicemail message alert causes the Phone App to start crashing, repeatedly. Flashing the China firmware on it clears that problem – it also clears out Google apps and changes the phone significantly. Flashing the Hong Kong firmware back on it restores the phone… and the problem. Since this phone was intended for a family member, I have no more time to spend on it, and have simply replaced it with a different Samsung phone.

It seems to me that this phone would be ideal as a platform for an E7 developer. If that’s you, if you are serious about XDA and about doing development work for the E7, and if you are in the continental United States, I will be happy to ship this phone to you at no cost, at my expense. I use can use the US Post Office or FedEx ground, so I can ship to you directly, or to a PO Box, or, for location privacy, I can ship to any FedEx Office hold-for-pickup location that you specify.

I have no way of no way of knowing who is or is not a serious developer, so I will just take the first response I get. But I do want to support XDA and Samsung development, so I remind you that, if you are a phone user looking for a free phone, you do NOT want this phone. It becomes unusable whenever you get a voicemail message… seriously unusable. This phone will ONLY be of use to a developer, who is looking to do custom Android development work on it, so, please, don’t rob someone else of the chance to help us all by responding if you’re not serious.

Thanks for reading, PM to “wfire” with your shipping information.

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