[SM-T825/T820] Re-Activate adoptable storage

Hello together,

due to the fact that samsung is ennoying us with low memory on their galaxy devices and the new political decision to remove the adoptable storage function from android, I wanted to fix this.

I have tried different ways like using XPOSED FRAMEWORK including the OBB2SD or the XINTERNAL SD modul. All this ways work, but all of that need many manually doings (copy files …) at the end of installations.

Because I am a lazy person, I searched for a configuration that makes it easy and more automatical and I found it:


How to / my installation process:
– Install TWRP like refered in a other thread
– Root your device if wanted with SuperSU 2.82 (stable) —> Directdownload
– Install adoptable_storage_enabler_ashyx
– Install no-verity-no-encrypt_ashyx (think not needed, but I try to stay save)
– Reboot device and have a look at the notification bar, a popup “new sd card detected”
notification popup
– Follow the introductions after clicking on the notification and format your “new” sd card as internal storage.
format as internal storage
– After formating you are done and your sd card will be used as internal storage –> application will be installed automatically on the sd card decided by the system algorithm

– Optional: Move/Migrate existing data via “Settings —> Device maintenance —> Storage —> Storage Settings (three dots) —> SD card —> Migrate Data (three dots)”

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