[TOOL/UTILITY][TWRP][ 2.8][RECOVERY] TWRP 2.8.7.x TeamWin Recovery Project 6/24

[RECOVERY] [6/24/15] TWRP 2.8.7.x – TeamWin Recovery Project 

TeamWin is proud to present TWRP 2.8.7.x for the Samsung Galaxy S6!

Youtube video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RIvWVS_Rkxo

Full TeamWin credits are on the TWRP page on the TeamWin website: http://teamw.in/project/twrp2


Team Win Recovery Project or twrp2 for short, is a custom recovery built with ease of use and customization in mind. We started from the ground up by taking AOSP recovery and loading it with the standard recovery options, then added a lot of our own features. It’s a fully touch driven user interface , no more volume rocker or power buttons to mash. The GUI is also fully XML driven and completely theme-able. You can change just about every aspect of the look and feel.

Key Features:

Touchscreen driven with real buttons and drag-to-scroll
XML-based GUI that allows full customization of the layout true theming!
Settings are saved to the sdcard and persist through reboots
Ability to choose which partitions to back up and which to restore
Ability to choose to compress backups now with pigz (multi-core processor support for faster compression times)
Onscreen keyboard
Decryption of /data
Easy selection of internal/external storage
See changelog below for new features

In addition to the above new features, TWRP features a scripting engine that allows an app to send commands to the recovery for the recovery to perform during startup. We call this scripting engine OpenRecoveryScript. This engine will be put to use immediately in the GooManager app. GooManager will be able to install recoveries automatically for most supported devices. The app will also let you choose to install multiple zips from within Android, wipe cache & dalvik, and run a backup.

We are looking for other talented developers, themers, and device maintainers if they are interested in helping with a free, open source project.


Information on TWRP 2 Theming – http://teamw.in/project/twrp2themers

Known Issues:

CWM backups are not compatible – please make a fresh backup in TWRP as soon as you have flashed it

Source Code:

GitHub – https://github.com/omnirom/android_bootable_recovery

Gerrit for TWRP Official Device Configs – http://gerrit.twrp.me

Gerrit Instance – http://gerrit.omnirom.org

If you have made your own twrp build for an unsupported device, please let us know. We might add your build to the list of unofficial builds. Bear in mind that we are working hard to add more devices and we may add your device to our official build list later.

zeroflte Device Config: TBD

Kernel: TBD


All official devices are listed at the top of the page on the Team Win website. Search for the device in the textbox.



– Unify and fix kernel booting for 5.0.2 and 5.1.1

– Initial ground work for software drawn keyboard (_that)
– Fix handling of wiping internal storage on datamedia devices (xuefer)
– Allow DataManager to set and read values from the system properties (xuefer)
– Fix crash when taking screenshots on arm64 devices (xuefer)
– Fix error message after an ORS script completes (Dees_Troy)
– Fix crashes / error when creating encrypted backups (_that, Dees_Troy)
– Add system read only option – more details below (Dees_Troy)
– Add resize2fs and GUI option to run resize2fs (Dees_Troy)
– Fix crash loop caused by empty lines in AOSP recovery command file (_that)
– Prevent duplicate page overlays such as multiple lock screens (mdmower)

System read only option: Devices that ship with 5.0 and higher as their initial OS are using block level OTA updates. With this style of OTA update, the update script checks to see if the system partition has ever been mounted read/write. Further, the script also usually runs an SHA sum of the entire system partition to detect if any changes have been made. If any changes have been made, the OTA update will refuse to install. Since not all OEMs and devices have factory images available, we have created a new feature in TWRP that detects if the system partition has ever been mounted read/write. If not, you will be prompted asking if you want TWRP to mount system as read/write. If you choose not to allow TWRP to mount as read/write, TWRP won’t prompt to install SuperSU and TWRP won’t try to patch the stock ROM to prevent TWRP from being replaced by stock recovery. The goal of this option is to hopefully allow the user to make a raw system image backup that they can use to get back to a state where they can take OTA updates again.

resize2fs feature: On some devices like the Nexus 6, the factory images include a userdata image that is the proper size only for the 32GB units. If you flash the factory image to a 64GB Nexus 6, the data partition will appear as if it only has the free space of a 32GB device. Using the resize2fs option, TWRP can resize your data partition to take up the full space available. The resize2fs may also be useful to resize system partitions on devices where custom ROM system images don’t take up the full partition space. Lastly, resize2fs may be useful in some cases to reserve the proper space at the end of a data partition for a full disk encryption key, should your partition be formatted incorrectly for some reason.

This new version also marks our first set of full builds using our new jenkins build server. You can track the progress of builds at https://jenkins.twrp.me and we have taken additional steps to make it easier for device maintainers to step up and submit patches to our gerrit server at https://gerrit.twrp.me to help us keep devices up to date and working.
– fix OTG
– fix adb

– Allow mulitple overlays for popup boxes (Dees_Troy)
– Add pattern style password entry for decrypt (Tassadar)
– Keyboard improvements (_that)
– Update AOSP base to 5.1 (Dees_Troy)
– Reduce theme count to 5 and rely on scaling (Dees_Troy)
– Various scaling improvements (Dees_Troy)
– Improved handling of resources in the GUI (_that)
– Make scroll bar size proportional to list size (_that)
– Allow scoll lists to render without a header (_that)
– Make console scroll per pixel with kinetic scrolling (_that)
– Support styles in XML to reduce XML size and improve consistentcy (Dees_Troy)
– Various other fixes and improvements (mdmower, bigbiff, codelover, etc)

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